Did you know that Australia is the second highest producer of waste per person in the world at approximately 650 kilograms per person? That’s nearly 25 million tonnes of waste going straight into landfill.

With close to a quarter of our waste being paper and cardboard, whatever we can do to reduce landfill, the better it will be for our environment.

At Green Crates, we care as much as you do which is why we’ve created an alternative to cardboard, one that is recycled not buried after it’s used.

We’ve developed the three R’s:

  • Reduce: Our equipment reduces the impact on the environment through the reduction of deforestation that occurs when making cardboard boxes and wood dollies.
  • Re-Use: Our reusable products will reduce waste stream input through Recycling and Reuse of their materials.
  • Recycle: Our dollies are designed for disassembly, with recyclable and reusable parts without paints, glues, staples or nails.