About Us

Green Crates

Green Crates was founded by of one of Western Australia’s leading commercial move specialists. Green Crates started in 2011 and is expanding across Australia as quickly as enterprising people take up this exciting franchise opportunity. The Brisbane location opened in 2015 followed shortly by Noosa in 2016.

The Environmental Story

Australia is the second-highest producer of waste per person in the world at approximately 650 kilograms per person? That’s nearly 25 million tonnes of waste going straight into landfills.

Close to a quarter of the waste is paper and cardboard. Cardboard boxes are often used once and then go into the landfill. So whatever we can do to reduce landfills, deforestation and the carbon cost of remaking cardboard, the better it will be for our environment.

At Green Crates, we care as much as you do which is why we’ve provided an alternative to cardboard: A crate that is recycled not buried after it’s used.

  • Reduce

    Our equipment reduces the impact on the environment through the reduction of deforestation that occurs when making cardboard boxes and wood dollies.

  • Re-Use

    Our reusable products will reduce waste stream input through recycling and reuse of their materials.

  • Recycle

    Our dollies are designed for disassembly, with recyclable and reusable parts without paints, glues, staples or nails.

Our Services

Whether you’re moving home, or moving business, Green Crates helps take the stress out by making your move as quick and easy as possible. Providing moving equipment for hire and packing materials for sale, we have everything you could possibly need all in one convenient location. From the paper to wrap your glass and fragile items, to the protective sleeves for your flat-screen TV, we have you covered. Literally!

For a full list of products, descriptions, and pricing, head to Shop Online.
To book or purchase, click here or get in touch with us if you need some help choosing.

Our Process

  • Head to our Store Locator to search for stores nearest to you.
  • Browse through the products and add the ones you require to your ‘Cart’.
  • Choose whether you would like the option to pick up or have us deliver and place your order.
  • Collect your order or let us deliver it where and when you need it.
  • Pack your belongings quickly, safely and easily and move! This part is up to you.
  • Once your move is completed, we come pick up the hired items from where and when you want.
  • Finally you can relax and settle into your new home or office, knowing you saved money, time, stress and helped the environment.

If you have any additional queries for our team you may submit an enquiry through our Contact form, email us at sales@greencrates.com.au, or give us a call at 1300 970 345.

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